In line with our P2P launch, Blockvila have committed a total of $6,000 VILA token as giveaway to the first 200 traders  who complete a transaction of over $50 on the P2P marketplaces. The 200 winners would get $30 worth of VILA token each. 

How to Participate:

Complete at least one transaction worth over $50 before the 30th of August, 2021.

Winners would be announced on the 1st of September. 

Only verified vendors up to LEVEL 3 are eligible to Participate. 

Visit www.blockvila.com for more

Watch the Video Steps to use Blockvila P2P

1. How to Register and Verify your Identity on Blockvila P2P 

2. How to Buy crypto on Blockvila P2P 

3. How to Sell crypto On Blockvila P2P (Part 1)

4. How to Sell crypto on Blockvila P2P (Part 2)