Become a Blockvila Angel

Blockvila Angels

Are you interested in being an integral part our greater mission to drive widespread adoption of blockchain and cryptocurrency in Africa while getting rewarded for your effort?

What is a Blockvilla Angel?

Blockvilla Angels are avid members from within our community that primarily support our platform through promotions, user education and community building. Angels are users who passionately contribute to the development of the Blockvila ecosystem.

At Blockvila, customer experience, education and community are part of our core value chain and Angels play a vital role in implementing these standards. If you are interested in helping out as a Blockvila Angel, kindly take a moment to fill out this application.

Selection Criteria:

Create a WhatsApp group centered on Blockvila and the name must follow this structure: ”Blockvila Angel – Your Name”

Example: If Ben created a WhatsApp group for Blockvila Angel, the name would be ”Blockvila Angel – Ben”


Angels independently manage their groups with the help of Blockvila community managers


You will receive $15 worth of VILA token for every 30 members added to your group with at least 15 duly registered and verified on

For example, Ben created a WhatsApp group for Blockvila Angels and added 30 of his friends and encouraged them to register using his referral link. When he successfully referred at least 15 friends and they registered and got verified, we compensated him with $15 worth of VILA token.


How to apply

Step 1: Create a WhatsApp group with the name Blockvila

Step 2: After creating the group, , fill the application form here

Step 3: Add members to your group and give them your Blockvila referral link to sign up.

Step 4: Encourage at least 15 members to complete their sign up and verification process

Step 5: Notify our community manager as soon as you have 15 duly registered and verified members and you will receive your $15 worth of VILA token

NB: You are not required to have the 30 members to apply.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Blockvila?

Blockvila is the company behind leading digital asset exchange platform that has been optimizing cryptocurrency adoption in Africa since 2016. 

Why does Blockvila need Angels?

Building communities and bridging the gap between the Blockvila brand and it users is at the fore of our value proposition and we believe Angels would help us achieve this in a more effectual way.

What are Blockvila Angels responsibilities?

  • Create WhatsApp group and invite your member
  • Engage members with information about Blockvila P2B and P2P exchanges as well as the VILA token
  • Help members sign up and verify their account
  • Grow membership by inviting more friends and keeping members updated about the latest crypto bews and insight from Blockvila

How much will I earn as a Blockvila Angel?

When an Angel reaches the 30 members threshold with at least 15 registered and verified members, he is credited with $15 worth of VILA token. Every time the group increases by additional 30 members with half of the total number registered and verified registered members, the Angel is credited.

Must all members in my WhatsApp group be registered on Blockvila?

No. But at least half of the total membership with a minimum of 15 registered and verified members are required before an Angel is compensated.

Is there a maximum number of members I can have in my group?

Yes. The maximum number of members an Angel can have in a group is 240 members.

What benefits do members get for being in a group?

Aside being a part of our network which enable them trade crypto assets and earn, members get referral bonus which is $0.5 worth of VILA for every registered members they refer

What is VILA Token?

VILA token is the native cryptocurrency used to power the Blockvila network. VILA is built on the Binance Smart Chain

to learn more about Blockvila including how to register, trade and earn, click here