Blockvila Airdrop

Participate in Blockvila Airdrop

  • Register on and verify your KYC and receive 40 VILA tokens Automatically. 
  • Also Receive 10 VILA tokens for each new user you refer who sign up on blockvila website and verified their phone number.

Activate your airdrop earnings withdrawal by simply downloading our mobile app once launched on 30th of August.

Old users of who have registered on the Peer to Business Exchange will get rewarded with 40 VILA token After we migrate them from the P2B Exchange to P2P Exchange.

How activate AIRDROP Earnings Withdrawal.

1. To Withdraw your 40 VILA earned through your registration and verification. You need to trade minimum of $50 on our P2P Exchange or have someone you referred trade minimum of $50 worth of any coin.

2. To Withdraw your referral airdrop Earnings, Withdrawal will be automatically activated for all participants on 1st October as the Airdrop program ends on 30th of September.